One piece is unlike any other.


To explore Greece, is to automatically feel within your soul, that this is a country of

rich history, art, kefi (uncontainable joy) and a sense of philoxenia (friend to a stranger). 


Lykos Living provides ethically handmade décor from Greece to the United Arab Emirates.
Lykos Living aspires to celebrate the craftmanship and skill behind Greek Artisans. Supplying only ethically handmade décor, we focus on items that can last a lifetime.

 Greece holds an incredible history of handmade sculptures, pottery and textiles. Every product listed on our website carries an admirable story. The majority of the artisans we partner with use techniques and methods that have been passed down by generations of Greek culture. These techniques that are used are unique to each handmade piece

 These pieces are selected by expert designers to bring the
joy, tales, and spirit of the Greek essence into your surroundings.


The Lykos Living artisans work individually or in a small team and on a made-to-order basis. This ensures that each product is ethically produced, distinct and exclusively made for you

Greek artisans produce chic refined statement pieces that are simultaneously individualistic yet cohesive with an array of spaces and artefacts. We source our products from various skilled Greek artisans that gain inspiration from ancient Greek culture, as well as the contemporary approaches that Greek design has evolved to become. With emphasis on the technique and expertise of their Greek ancestors, each product is handmade with intricate detail and the element of originality.




The founder, Madeleine Lätti was born in Athens and is an interior & spatial designer who recognized the longing for authentic Greek home décor in the United Arab Emirates. The ornate distinctive décor that she had associated with growing up was unattainable for the places she designed and envisioned.
She wanted to share the beauty of Greek techniques and materials with the UAE. 

This is the moment that Lykos Living came to light.