*Delivery to be approximately 2-6 weeks from purchase date. Delivery varies per product due to the handmade aspect of each decor item. The Lykos Living artisans work individually or in a small team and on a made-to-order basis. This ensures that each product is ethical, distinct and exclusively for you! 

Tailormade Collection

Finding inspiration in primitive objects of use by human civilization, they create moulds with various techniques such as coil built, slab built, and wheel throwing, transforming the earthy and raw clay into a timeless material with a resilience to the decomposition of time, despite its fragile nature. 

Due to the handmade nature, our ceramics may have small variations, but we love them as they show how with our hands we have formed and finished each product. Hand washing is recommended.

All our ceramics are made using non-toxic, food-safe clays and glazes. They are oven and dishwasher safe, however we do recommend taking care as they are handmade of limited quantity. Take care to avoid sudden temperature changes (for example from the oven to a cold benchtop) as this is likely to cause thermal shock which can result in the piece cracking.

Product Information

  • Glazed parts are without heavy metals therefore appropriate for food usage.
  • Safe for use in dishwasher with eco-friendly detergents, however, we do advise on hand washing for a longer life span.
  • Sudden changes in temperature (cold to hot) are likely to cause damage to ceramic objects.
  • Due to the nature of handmade objects there are likely to be slight differences in colour, shape and dimensions.
  • To prevent glaze scratches we recommend storing your ceramics in plate racks or with a soft cloth between each piece. To keep your pieces beautiful, avoid contact with staining foods or liquids on unglazed surfaces.


Lace Collection

The artisan draws inspiration from her surroundings as well as the people that she interacts with. The playfulness of children, the colours of her country, the memory of an interaction are all there in what she makes. 


Colours, Patenta, Animal Instincts & Narcissus Collections

Since our ceramics are handmade, it is impossible for for each item to be identical; that's the wonderful nature of handcrafted work. Actual colours may differ on your device due to screen variation (different screens reproduce colours in different ways). Each piece is unique, handcrafted and hand painted which will result in differences from piece to piece. Variations in size or shape of the items are also a result of their being hand thrown on a wheel and later hand painted. 

We recommend hand washing as you would fine china. With time and repeated use, clay has the tendency to "craze" (form miniscule lines in the glazing). Crazing is in the nature of clay - it is inevitable yet has no significant effect on ceramics and is only cosmetic. If you want to slow down the process, handle your pieces carefully and temper them when serving very hot foods. Keep in mind if you used crazed objects with dyes or food with strong colours like beets, staining in the crazed portions may occur. This does not compromise the safety of the item.